Applemelon X by Superb 60ml


Applemelon X by Superb 60ml

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Applemelon X by Superb 60ml

Superb Applemon X Vape Juice Review

Applemelon X by Superb E-Liquid 60ml is from the brand previously known as Royal Bishop. Applemelon X is that just as fruity and savory as the original Applemelon by Superb 60ml. Applemelon X has an added twist of icy menthol to provide the perfect e-juice for all those menthol lovers. This e-juice fuses an authentic juicy Fuji apple flavor with a crisp watermelon. This fruity blend is sure to refresh all day from the first puff to the last. 

On the inhale of Superb E-Liquid Applemon X is a rush of a sweet apple flavor that will smother your tongue delighting your taste buds. The crisp watermelon flavor dances across your taste buds next providing them with a genuine fruit flavor. The light cream undertones provide this e-juice with a slightly milky taste that makes this e-liquid truly beyond belief. To make this e-juice even better Superb provides a menthol base. On the exhale an cooling rush is sure to provide you with the perfect exhale. This icy ending provides you with the ultimate cool down making this e-juice perfect for those warm summers day. 

Superb Royal Collection 60ml consist of many different flavors some which include, Nectarberry, Lychee Jelly and Applemelon. Superb comes in a 60ml plastic e-juice bottle and is available in 3 nicotine options, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Superb 60ml is known for using high quality ingredients to match their flavor profiles accurately. They provide an authentic taste with each e-juice making their products have a true flavor packed experience. Don't miss out on Superb 60ml, it is sure to please!

Applemelon X by Superb E-Liquid 60ml will not disappoint. This fusion is fruity and authentic flavors is one to beat. If you are seeking your new favorite e-juice look no further than Applemelon X by Superb 60ml. This refreshing e-juice is oh-so-good from the first drop to the last. Indulge in Applemelon X today!

Flavor Profile: Fuji Apple, Watermelon, Cream, Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30