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Applemelon Superb 60ml

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Applemelon by Superb 60ml

Superb Applemelon Vape Juice Review

Applemelon by Superb 60ml is the flavor for you if you a fruit vape juice fanatic. Bringing crisp apple vape juice flavor and ripe watermelon e-juice together was the best idea with the tangy tones of apple and the sweet tones of watermelon you will be addicted to these boozy flavors.

Superb Applemelon vape juice will bring you back to being a kid on summer days eating fruits by the pool with slices of fresh, juicy watermelon and crisp apples that make your mouth water to no end. Superb is dominating the market with their fruit flavors and don't seem to be stopping anytime soon, not that anyone wants that. Their juices all have an authentic flavor that will teleport you back to your fondest memories. 

As you inhale Superb Applemelon, the rush of crisp apple hits your tongue and will make you question on if you just hit your vape or took a bite out of an apple with its genuine flavor. As the apple does a solo dance across your taste buds, the sweet watermelon joins in to make it an elaborate tango across your taste buds sending them into a crazed state. As you exhale, the two flavors fuse into one to make the one flavor you didn't realize you craved until just then. 

Applemelon by Superb rocking the market making everyone, not just fruit vape juice lovers, fighting over who can get their hands on this succulent juice. No one can imagine how invigorating the mixture of apple and watermelon is until they try this juice. Save on Applemelon by Superb today!

Flavor Profile: Apple, Watermelon

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30