Strawberry Crispy by Ethos Sub-Ohm SALT Collection 100ml


Strawberry Crispy by Ethos Sub-Ohm SALT Collection 100ml

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Strawberry Crispy by Ethos Sub-Ohm SALTS Collection 100ml

Ethos Sub-Ohm SALTS Collection Strawberry Crispy Vape Juice Review

Finally, a salt nic vape juice that is safe to vape in a sub ohm tank. Not only that but the flavors are delicious and worth your precious time. Ethos new line Sub-Ohm SALTS Collection will turn your world upside down with their pleasant crispy treat based flavors. In this case it’s an additional flavor of succulent strawberries added to the mix made to taste EXACTLY like a strawberry crispy treat with every puff you take.

On the inhale is the silky motion of milky marshmallow tones flowing in above your tongue carrying in the sweet textures of strawberry with it. On the exhale you’ll end up feeling like you just had a full bite of a crispy treat all to yourself.

These are sub ohm friendly salts so no need for a pod system. If you’re a salt nicotine lover but miss the giant juicy clouds then you are looking in the right place my friend. Vape away with Strawberry Crispy by Ethos.

Flavor Profile: Marshmallow, Strawberry

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30