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Simply Ice Pear 120ml

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Simply Ice Pear 120ML

Simply Ice Pear Review

Generating an immersive flavor experience throughout your time using it, Simply Ice Pear is more than just a simple flavor, despite its brand name. It uses a fabulous mixture that combines both pears and menthol to go above and beyond by creating a tasty and super refreshing vape with every puff.

What is Simply Ice Pear? Pear by Simply Ice is a premium vape juice flavor that will certainly excite the taste buds for some time to come. It starts off delivering a subtle hint of pear as you inhale with a more pronounced mentholated flavor following just behind. As you exhale, the ripe pear flavor is more intense, and equally as intense is the added mix of menthol that leaves you with a crisp and very refreshing experience. You are left with a lingering sweet pear flavor and memories of a slowly fading ice-cold menthol, which only urges you to want more. Simply Ice Pear comes in two 60mL bottles, which totals 120mL of vape juice. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths to suit your preference.

Simply Ice is the reimagined version of the original Simply Fruit collection by none other than Simply Fruit Eliquid. It is a brand that uses a range of its signature flavors and combines them with a hefty dose of menthol to create Simply Ice, a fruit and menthol combination blend that will definitely send your taste buds for a loop. You can experience a variety of their most popular tastes with a crisp and cool addition. Simply Fruit Eliquid is based in Grove, California, and manufactures premium vape juice designed to deliver simple fruit concoctions that your taste buds will appreciate. Despite its name, the flavors are extremely complex, yet offer simple and clean ingredients to provide the best quality and vape you will ever encounter.

The pear and menthol blend create an amazing vape experience. If you think you can handle the ripe taste of pear and the bone-chilling mix of menthol, this will be one of your next favorite vapes.

Flavor Profile: Pear, Menthol

Bottle Size: 120ML

VG/PG: 70/30