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Quartet by Black Note 30ml

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Quartet by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

Black Note Quartet Vape Juice Review

Quartet by Black Note 30ml is a Latakia tobacco blend that is truly authentic with its flavor. Latakia tobacco is specially prepared tobacco that involves multiple curing sessions to give it an intense smokey and peppery taste. The first step into this curing process is a sun cure. Sun curing involves the tobacco leafs drying uncovered in the sun. Sun cured tobacco is also known to be high in sugar with lower levels of nicotine. After the sun curing process is complete Black Note E-Liquid takes the tobacco and smoke cures it with controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Greek juniper to provide a savory aroma. Though to note Latakia tobacco is not a tobacco leaf, but the way of curing a certain tobacco leaf to give it that known latakia flavor.

Quartet by Black Note 30ml is known to have an intense tobacco and smokey flavor that may not be for everyone. This e-juice flavor is targeted for tobacco smokers that are seeking to switch to an alternative option. Other reviews compare this taste to be very earthy and like a camp fire type of smoke. For anyone who loves to indulge in latakia tobacco this e-juice is right on point with that original taste. Latakia tobacco is known to require an acquired taste because of its intense pepper and smokey flavor. This flavor combination blends beautifully and is sure to please. This bold flavor can truly be enjoyed all day long. 

Latakia tobacco is used in a lot of different blends but in a noticeably lesser amount due to its intense flavor. Quartet by Black Note 30ml has that originally tobacco taste that is complemented by added flavors. Noticeably on the inhale is a rush of a smokey and peppery flavor. The exhale has a more intense smokey flavor that is sure to please all those pipe tobacco smokers. The aroma from this e-juice is super savory as it has a very natural and earthy scent. Not only will your taste buds be pleased with each puff but also your nose!

Quartet by Black Note 30ml is beyond belief with its authentic flavor. This special blend isn't what non pipe tobacco smokers would recommend to begin with, but if you have that acquired taste for latakia tobacco it is sure to please. Indulge in Quartet today! 

Flavor Profile: Latakia Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50