Hi-Drip Salts Nectarine Lychee


Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts 30ml

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Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts 30ml

Hi-Drip Salts Nectarine Lychee Review

Coating your taste buds with a fascinating flavor, we're certain you won't find another more pleasing vape to enjoy all throughout the day. Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts is an extraordinary blend that brings you a remarkable pairing of two exotic fruits, including nectarines and lychee.

What is Hi-Drip Salts Nectarine Lychee vape juice? Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts is a brilliantly concocted vape juice blend that is infused with high-quality salt nicotine for a satisfying experience. The flavor features a pairing of two exotic fruits, bringing together nectarines and lychee, which you'll find incredibly pleasing from the first puff to the last. From the initial inhale, you'll notice a perfect blend of the two, while the exhale leaves a lingering taste, an outstanding balance, and even more flavor cravings. Not only will your tastes be satisfied but wanting more, your nicotine cravings will be pleased and ready for the next round. Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts is available in two 15mL bottles, giving you a total of 30mL.

Hi-Drip is an industry-leading vape brand that has developed a solid number of incredible flavors people continue to call favorites today. It has a salt nicotine collection under the umbrella of the Hi-Drip brand, which boasts some of the highest quality salt nicotine to deliver smooth and enjoyable experiences. Headquartered in Southern California and manufactured by Jack's Juicy Factory, Hi-Drip offers a delicious assortment of blends containing fruits and more to satisfy your tastes.

If you enjoy exotic fruits and think you would enjoy the same great tastes in vape form,  Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip Salts is one you should definitely consider. It offers an exotic taste that will soak into your taste buds and please you from one puff to the next. It's an all-day vape we cannot wait for you to try for yourself.

Flavor Profile: Nectarine, Lychee

Bottle Size: 15ML x 2

VG/PG: 50/50

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine