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Lychee Jelly by Superb 60ml

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Lychee Jelly by Superb 60ml

Superb Lychee Jelly Vape Juice Review

Superb Lychee Jelly takes the taste of the mouthwatering excotic lychee fruit and turns it into your next all day vape. This vape juice is as scrumptious as juicy as the fruit it is made after, and you will never want to vape anything else. 

As you inhale Superb Lychee Jelly, the taste of excotic lychee will dance across your taste buds and give them a flavor that they will never be able to forget. This vape juice has so much flavor packed in that with just one puff you will be over the moon happy with every single puff you take. As you exhale, the lychee jelly flavor subsides slightly leaving behind only traces of sweetness to keep you coming back for more and more. 

Superb is a vape juice brand that you will forever be in love with. Superb creates flavors that you would've never thought of into a vape juice that you can vape on all day long. These vape juices are packed to the brim with flavor and with just one puff you will feel as if you've encountered the most enchanting flavors. Superb brings you flavors that will wow your taste buds like you've never experienced before.

Superb Lychee Jelly is a vape juice that you will fall madly in love with with just one puff. This vape juice has such spectacular flavor that you've never been able to taste before. Superb Lychee Jelly is the vape juice for you if you enjoy a subtly sweet vape juice to vape on all day long. 

Flavor Profile: Lychee, Jelly

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30