Kilo 60ml Pick 3 Vape Juice Bundle


Kilo Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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Kilo Vape Juice 60ML Pick 3 Bundle

For die-hard fans of Kilo vape juice to those looking to explore a wonderful world of new tastes, this Kilo Vape Juice 60mL Pick 3 Bundle is the perfect solution. Kilo has created an outstanding collection of dessert flavors, allowing you to enjoy a list full of delicious tastes. Explore everything from cream honeydew to a strawberry and kiwi-infused yogurt. The flavors deliver a spectacular taste and will easily become an all-day-vape. In this bundle, you have the opportunity to choose from the entire collection of original Kilo vape juice. Pick three 60mL bottles in your choice of flavor, along with your choice of nicotine strengths available, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths.

With more than 6 years under its belt, Kilo Eliquids has become one of the industry’s biggest, most innovative brands when it comes to premium vape juice flavors. They have created an extensive list of goodies that have an extraordinary range in flavor. It first began in 2014, located in Orange County, California, where it is headquartered with a state-of-the-art facility. The brand gained its claim to fame by creating products with amazing flavors, remarkable quality, and vape juices that perform extremely well with any tank they’re paired with. It has gone onto winning as many as 15 awards for its vape juices and even proved it was here for both consumers and the industry as a whole when it co-founded California’s first Vape Trade Association. To this day, Kilo remains as a showpiece for the industry.

Choose From:

  • Dewberry Cream - Strap on your thrusters and ready yourself for liftoff as your tastes are taken on an out of this world ride with a trio of flavors. The delicious combo consists of honeydew, mixed berries, and a thick creamy flavor to send your taste buds over the top. With every puff, this delectable treat will have you subscribed to its satisfaction.
  • Cereal Milk - Relive those mornings with the classic, and very delicious taste of your favorite cereal flavor. At any time you can explore the remarkable taste of Cereal Milk, a combination of fruity cereal coated in a silky smooth milk bath. The classic fruity cereal treat will definitely become the highlight of your entire day.
  • Tru Blue - Fans of fruit flavor and custard flavor are finally brought together as one with this delicious blend. It is a rejoicing moment as sweet blueberries and creamy vanilla custard are combined to deliver a unique and very tasty vape. Every last puff offers just enough mindblowing flavor to encourage you to experience the taste all over again.
  • Fruit Whip - If you are looking for a truly unforgettable vape experience, this overload of flavor combined into one should definitely do the trick. It is a hefty flavor profile that combines green apples, pears, tropical fruit, berries, and to finish off the fiesta of flavors, whipped cream is added to create a dense and delicious taste.
  • Kiberry Yogurt - Overflowing with tasty goodness in every puff, Kiberry Yogurt is an all-time favorite for thousands of people. It is a staple flavor in the collection, boasting a balanced blend of sweet strawberries, a slight hint of kiwi, and a yogurt cream base that will leave your taste buds mesmerized.

From fruit to desserts, these delicious Kilo flavors will certainly please the tastes. If you are looking for unique tastes that are loaded down with incredible flavor, we have everything right before your eyes. In this Kilo Vape Juice 60mL Pick 3 Bundle, we’re sure you will find your next all-day-vape.