Pink Melon Pressed by Fresh Pressed 60ml

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Pink Melon Pressed by Fresh Pressed 60ml

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Pink Melon Pressed by Fresh Pressed 60ml

Fresh Pressed Pink Melon Pressed Vape Juice Review

Fresh Pressed Pink Melon brings you the wonderful taste of sweet southern peaches, juicy watermelon, and succulent honeydew. This flavor combo will have you standing on rooftops to scream about how much you love the whirlwind of flavor it brings you. With every puff you will feel as if you're on a roller coaster of flavors that you will never want to get off of. 

As you inhale Fresh Pressed Pink Melon, the taste of sweet peaches will dance across your taste buds in the most succulent way possible. This flavor is so out of this world that you will feel like an alien. Then, the taste of watermelon will combine with the peaches to give you the juiciest flavor you've ever experienced. As you exhale, the honeydew flavor ties the entire vape juice together and leaves you craving more and more. 

Fresh Pressed Vape Juice is brought to you by a vape juice brand called California Grown. This line of vape juice has sub-ohm salt nicotine in it that will leave your nicotine cravings at the door and your taste buds feeling rejuvenated. All of the Fresh Pressed vape juices are made with the highest quality of ingredients that will surely leave you begging for more.

Fresh Pressed Pink Melon is the perfect vape juice for those of you who are dying for a vacation that you can never go on. This vape juice will transport you to your favorite destination and have you sipping on your favorite drink by the beach. 

Flavor Profile: Peach, Watermelon, Honeydew

Bottle Size: 60ml

Vape Juice Type: Sub-Ohm Salt

VG/PG: 70/30