Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale Vape Juice
Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale Vape Juice


Fruit Finale by Fresh Pressed 60ml

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Fruit Finale by Fresh Pressed 60ml

Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale Vape Juice Review

Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale is the fruity vape juice you've been looking for. With every puff of this life changing, mouth watering vape juice you will feel on top of the world. This vape juice incorporates the taste of juicy apples, sweet peaches, and exotic amazon forest fruits that will surely satisfy all of your fruity cravings.

As you inhale Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale, the taste of juicy apples will hit your taste buds like a tsunami. This flavor is so on point that you will feel as if you've just taken a bite out of freshly picked apple. Then, the taste of pear combines with the apple flavor to create a sweet fruit flavor that you will definitely never get tired of. As you exhale, the exotic amazon forest fruits combine with the apples and pears to create a fruit flavor that will have your mouth watering at just the thought. 

Fresh Pressed Vape Juice is brought to you by a brand called California Grown. This vape juice brand is based out of Southern California and they bring you vape juices that have such authentic flavors and ingredients that with every puff you take you will feel as if you're on a whole new world of tastes.   Fresh Pressed Vape Juice brings you a wide variety of flavors so that no matter what mood you're in, you'll be able to find a vape juice that you will fall in love with.

Fresh Pressed Fruit Finale brings you the delightful taste of apples, pears, and amazon forest fruits that you will never tire of. This vape juice will have your taste buds going haywire with every single puff you take.

Flavor Profile: Apples, Pears, Amazon Forest Fruits

Bottle Size: 60ml

Vape Juice Type: Sub-Ohm Salt

VG/PG: 70/30