Crumbleberry Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

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Crumbleberry Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

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Crumbleberry Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

Milkman Crumbleberry by The Vaping Rabbit Review

 Crumbleberry 60ml by The Milkman is a perfect blend for any lover of dessert and breakfast flavors. This pie vape juice re-vamps the taste of beautifully baked crumble pie crust filled with a fluffy cream center and topped with sugary raspberries. This is the ultimate dessert vape juice. 

As you inhale The Milkman Crumbleberry, the taste of a freshly baked pie invades your senses. This pie flavor will recreate the best pie you've ever tasted and made it into something you can enjoy every day. As you exhale, the taste of the fluffy cream center topped with sugary raspberries will combine with the pie flavor creating something that rivals with the best thing you've ever tasted. These intense flavors will bring you such joy you won't be able to stop smiling. 

The Milkman, a branch off of the brand The Vaping Rabbit makes all of their vape juices with the highest quality of ingredients. Those looking for an extremely creamy flavor, this is the brand and the flavor you've been looking for. This MAX VG vape juice blend is heavy on the clouds with strong, consistent flavor.  The Milkman Crumbleberry is a delicious harmony masterfully crafted by the experts at The Vaping Rabbit.

Crumbleberry 60ml by The Milkman is a vape juice that from the first drop to the last, you'll be addicted to. This vape juice brings you such intense flavors that you'll question on if you're actually eating a pie.

Flavor Profile: Raspberries, Cream, Dessert

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 99/1