HMBL Salt Apple Jay Jay


Apple Jay Jay by HMBL Salt 30ml

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Apple Jay Jay by HMBL Salt 30ml

Apple Jay Jay by HMBL Salt Review 

Apple Jay Jay by HMBL Salt is the most mouth-watering green apple vape juice you will ever be able to find. This vape juice will keep you going back for more and more. This delicious recreation of green apples will have your taste buds throwing a party. 

As you inhale HMBL Salt Apple Jay Jay the taste of sweet yet sour green apple will dance across your taste buds and have you drooling in an instant. This vape juice will have you screaming from the rooftops about how amazing it is. As you exhale, the authentic taste of a juicy green apple will subside slightly leaving with a refreshing after taste. This vape juice will soothe your taste buds instantly with its perfectly crafted flavor.

HMBL Salts is a collaboration between Humble E-Juice Co and Solace creating the creation of vape juice flavors that will satisfy you unlike any other. These vape juices are perfect for those of you who have a wide variety of flavors that you like as they have a salt nicotine vape juice for any and every mood you could be in. HMBL Salts is a vape juice line that will have you begging for more with every bottle that you try!

HMBL Salt Apple Jay Jay will bring your taste buds such joy that you will never want to stop vaping on it. With every inhale and exhale, you will be reminded why this vape juice is your first in the rotation. 

Flavor Profile: Green Apple 

Bottle Size: 30ml

PG/VG: 50/20