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Moonies Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

Product Description

Moonies Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

The Milkman Moonies Review

The Milkman Moonies  60ml by The Milkman is a recreation of the popular Moon Pies. A soft vanilla cake vape juice with a creamy marshmallow top, all drizzled in a rich chocolate coating.

On the inhale of The Milkman Moonies vape juice delivers a rich flavor of milk chocolate and vanilla cake topped off with cookies crumbs and creamy marshmallow vape juice that is sure to delight your taste buds. While you exhale, a bath of smooth silky creamy milk delights your flavor palate. This recreation is something that is on a whole different plane of flavor and will have you coming back for more constantly. Live your life with all the sweetness that you can handle with no added guilt. 

If you are searching for an extremely silky creamy milk flavor, The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit is the brand and the flavor you've been searching for. This MAX VG e juice blend created dense vape clouds while providing a strong consistent flavor.  A delicious harmony masterfully crafted by the experts at The Vaping Rabbit.

Moonies 60ml by The Milkman is a vape juice that encompasses the taste of Moon Pies. The taste of vanilla cake under a marshmallow top, coated in the creamiest chocolate you can find will drive you wild and send your taste buds into overdrive. Don't miss your chance to indulge in this delicious vape juice. 

Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Marshmallow, Vanilla Cake

Bottle Size: 60ml


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