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Key Master by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

Product Description

Key Master by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

Select Vape Key Master Ejuice Review

Key Master by Select Vape Liquids 120ml is a sweet oatmeal flavor with key lime that is oh-so good. This savory e-juice combines a savory oatmeal cookie and a intense key lime flavor, truly one that is hard to beat! This e-liquid is beyond the usual cookie flavor, it is truly savory from the first drop to the last. Key Master by Select Vape Liquids takes such an authentic key lime flavor and fuses it with an oatmeal cookie that smothers your taste buds with delight. 

On the inhale of Select Vape Key Master that tart key lime flavor flows over your taste buds. A savory cookie flavor flows over on the exhale, balancing out that tart key lime. Key Master by Select Vape 120ml provides a tart and savory flavor that is perfectly balanced. With each puff your cravings will be satisfied with this succulent e-juice. The genuine key lime flavor gives this e-juice such an intense flavor. The savory oatmeal cookie flavor is beyond belief with its authentic taste. Key Master by Select Vape Liquids fused these flavors in the most delicious way. 

Key Master is one of the dessert flavors available from Select Vape 120ml. Select Vape 120ml offers a variety of flavors ranging from candy flavors to breakfast flavors.

Key Master by Select Vape 120ml is a savory dessert flavor that tastes like the real thing, maybe even better! Treat yourself to Key Master by Select Vape 120ml today.

Select Vape Liquids 120ml uses the highest quality premium grade ingredients to provide you with the best flavor experience. Indulge in Key Master by Select Vape Liquids and save BIG with our swinging low prices.

Flavor Profile: Oatmeal, Cookie, Key Lime

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 80/20