Twisty Ejuice by Clown Liquids 120ml

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Twisty Ejuice by Clown Liquids 120ml

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Twisty Ejuice by Clown Liquids 120ml

Clown Twist Vape Juice Review

Twisty by Clown Liquids ejuice combines the smooth rich goodness of organic yogurt with luscious flavor of fresh raspberries. Twisty by Clown Liquids is a rich creamy yogurt inhale than comes the refreshing raspberry that is second to none. This is an all-day vape to all yogurt lovers.

As you inhale Clown Liquids Twisty, the flavor of raspberry vape juice will dance across your taste buds and leave you feeling rejuvenated. This vape juice encompasses the essence of raspberry in the most perfect way that you won't be able to put it down. As you exhale, the yogurt flavor combines with the raspberry vape juice. This rapsberry yogurt fusion will have your mouth watering instantly. 

Clown Liquids takes you on a wild ride with every single one of their vape juices. The flavors within each vape juice will explode across your taste buds and have you feeling on top of the world with just one puff. Bad Drip Labs created Clown Liquids as one of their many vape juices lines that are sure to keep you going crazy with every puff.

Clown Liquids Twisty takes the amazing taste of raspberry and yogurt to combine them within a vape juice that you will never want to put down. This vape juice is truly everything you need. 

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Yogurt

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 75/25