Bubble Gang Mystery by Okami 100ml

Bubble Gang

Bubble Gang Mystery by Okami 100ml

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Nicotine Level


Bubble Gang Mystery by Okami 100ml

Okami Bubble Gang Mystery Vape Juice Review

Bubble Gang Mystery by Okami like any other of their juices, is popular and well loved by many. Who would’ve ever thought that a mixture of candies and fruits could be so heartwarming to your taste buds. It’s still a mystery today on how they get it to be utterly enchanting in every way. Although we don’t know exactly what flavor or flavors we get all the time but regardless it’s always just as tasty as the last bottle.

On one hand you can choose fruit, and on the other you can choose candy. But it’s better when you can taste both at the same time. One puff and the bold blast of a fruity candy combination will just gush through your mouth inviting the sweet delight of fruit on the inhale and sugary candy on the exhale. As these two distinct flavors fuse into each other, it’s over from there. You’ll already be trapped in its web of yumminess.

Mystery can always be either your first or last resort when it comes to picking out a vape juice. If you have no idea what you want after endlessly searching for a juice out of many. It’s perfect because it has the best of both worlds made by Bubble Gang Okami themselves.

Flavor Profile: Mystery

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30