WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Candy King Vape Juice by DripMore

Candy King vape juice by DripMore e-liquid is an impressive line of high-end candied e-liquid! DripMore e-liquid is the brilliant minds who brought you the very well known Candy King and they are back to bring you to spot on creations of everyone's favorite beverages, and just like Candy King’s flavors are extremely accurate, these drink flavors are true to their description! Click the links below to bring you to the product page.

This innovative vape brand is definitely the ‘king’ of reproducing some of your favorite sweet and sour candy combinations to a tee. Candy King Vape by DripMore prides itself on using the finest quality premium ingredients in their efforts to create candied vape juice that are true to their flavor. Through rigorous research, innovation, and testing they have succeeded with this. Candy King Ejuice line is based on nostalgic candy flavors that you know and love.

Give one a try, or check out all five succulent flavors by Candy King.

Candy King Vape Juice Flavor Review


Candy King is known for bringing you your favorite candy flavors in an all-day-vape juice and they truly did not disappoint with Batch. This succulent candy flavored vape juice brings you the taste of orange, cherry, lemon and lime with a sour kick. This vape juice is sure to make your lips pucker like no other. Batch also has a sweet aftertaste just like your favorite convenient store candies to soothe your taste buds from the sourness. 

Batch On Ice

To reinvent this flavor, Candy King thought the best thing to do would be to add a menthol base. They were not wrong. This added flavor brings the entire vape juice a full rounded flavor. With every inhale, your taste buds are hit with the sharp taste of orange, cherry, lemon, and lime. Then, the sweetness soothes your taste buds from the sour causing your taste buds to go into a frenzy of flavors. As you exhale, the menthol base washes away the sour and the sweet leaving your taste buds feeling like they can take on the world. 

Belts Strawberry

Sour and sweet candies are all the rave and rightfully so. This vape juice takes the taste of your favorite strawberry sour/sweet candy and turns it into a vape juice that you won't be able to put down. This sour/sweet strawberry fusion is one for the books with the authentic flavors it creates. With every inhale and exhale your taste buds will thank you as the strawberry flavor turns from a sourness that makes your eyes water to the sweetness that soothes. 

Belts Strawberry On Ice

Strawberry Belts on Ice creates a mouth water fusion of strawberry sour/sweet candies with a menthol base that gives you the ultimate satisfaction with every puff you take. The strawberry sour-sweet flavor bursts across your taste buds with flavors like a mini explosion with every inhale. With every exhale you take the menthol base of this vape juice cools your taste buds leaving them primed and ready for you next hit time and time again.

Lemon Drops

This perfect fusion between tangy and sweet will have you reaching for your vape juice all day. Lemon Drops brings you a balanced tangy/sweet lemon flavor that is like no other. Lemon Drops vape juice is sure to have your mouth salivating from your first puff to your last. With every inhale and exhale, the tanginess of the lemon will have your taste buds tingling for more. Lemon Drops delicious lemon flavor is a taste that is out of this world.

Pink Squares

Who doesn't love chewy pink squares? No one. The world's favorite candy flavor is here in a vape juice form and taking names. Pink Squares brings your taste buds a flavor they won't be able to forget. This sweet strawberry candy flavor is something your taste buds will be craving constantly, as this vape juice is flavor-packed like no other. With every inhale and exhale the succulent strawberry flavor washes across your taste buds in the most divine way.

Sour Worms

Sour Worms vape juice surely knows how to make things worm.  Candy King Sour Worms vape juice reinvents people's favorite sour candy. This wormy vape juice is the perfect mix of sourness to make your lips pucker. With every inhale and exhale your taste buds will feel as if you just took a bite out of the actual candy instead of hitting your vape. Sour Worms is a vape juice for the books with its authentic taste.

Sour Worms On Ice

Candy King decided to add a twist to their best selling vape juice, Sour Worms. The twist is the menthol base, that leaves your mouth feeling soothed with every exhale. Sour Worms on Ice give you the sourness you crave and the sweetness your sugar cravings desire with no guilt. With every inhale, the sour candy flavor washes across your taste buds causing your taste buds to tingle in delight. With every exhale, the menthol base soothes your taste buds leaving them feeling brand new. 

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Your favorite strawberry watermelon bubblegum flavor is here with an adult twist. This vape juice is sure to bring you back to your childhood with its authentic flavors that will make you ponder on actually trying to chew on it. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is a vape juice that will have you trying to blow bubbles with every exhale. On the inhale of Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, the sweetness of strawberry hits your taste buds, giving you flashbacks to your childhood. When you exhale, the flavor is the exact flavor that you receive when you blow a bubble of a piece of strawberry watermelon bubblegum. 

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum On Ice

Remember when you were a kid, chewing on a piece of strawberry watermelon bubble gum and then drinking an ice cold drink for that feeling of intense coldness in your mouth? Well, this vape juice gives you that exact flavor and feeling with half the work. With Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice, the luscious taste is something you won't stop craving. with every inhale and exhale, the strawberry watermelon bubblegum flavor washes across your taste buds. With every exhale, the menthol base leaves your taste buds feeling soothed and brand new.


This succulent vape juice has reinvented everyone's fish flavored candy into an all-day-vape juice. This cherry flavored vape juice provides you a taste that you won't get tired of. With every inhale the cherry flavor brushes across your taste buds. With every exhale, there is a sugary flavored added to the cherry flavor to intensify the cherry flavor creating a vape juice that is irreplaceable. Bring yourself back to your childhood with every puff.

Swedish On Ice

This vape juice has the savory flavor of cherry flavored fish candy with a menthol twist that refreshes your taste buds with every exhale. Swedish on Ice will transport you to your childhood in the middle of summer eating fish-shaped candy with no worries in the world. With every inhale, your taste buds are met with the sweet cherry flavor, that will drive your taste buds crazy. With every exhale, the menthol base washes away the cherry flavor leaving your taste buds feeling soothed and ready for whatever may come.

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