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Zonk Eliquid

Zonk Ejuice

Zonk Vape Juice Review

A day at school or even a day at work, you buy yourself a pack of bubblegum to enjoy. You’ll notice that you’ve just became the superstar just for that moment as you whip out your delicious candy. Being the generous person you are, you share a few and feel as if you did a good deed. But as you look down you’ll notice that you only have one measly piece to yourself and now your day is ruined. Zonk Eliquid was founded and created just for that moment, when your life flashes between your eyes as you just stare at that last piece. They’ve made an entire line for people who are crazy about bubblegum and their lush amounts of flavor. They may not be able to give you the satisfying moment of chewing the bubblegum, but the taste is there all day everyday to your advantage. Zonk got its name from it’s constant reviews of how it hits the spot when craving the candied flavor of bubblegum and now we have a selection of their lip smacking line that’ll have your taste buds going bonkers.

Cotton Candy

Sweet sweet cotton candy combined into the world of delicious bubbleum, you’ll instantly get that lushful sensation of sugary cotton candy on the inhale while the candied bubblegum takes over as it flows out on the exhale creating one lip smacking vape juice that’ll never do you any wrong, you’ll have the taste of luscious bubblegum all day long with a huge smile on your face as you leave a trail of sweet vapor behind you.

Mixed Berry

Prepared to get zonked by the smack of the batch of fresh berries that Zonk Eliquids picked out just for you and your sweet tooth to vape on. Berries infused with the candy goodness of bubblegum is a flavor you can’t even imagine. Bold sweet delicious berries charging on the inhale eating away any cravings that you’ve had, and on the exhale you get the bold flavor of bubblegum driving those taste buds berry bonkers.

Orange Mango

Submerge your tongue in the deep sensation of tangy sweet oranges on the initial inhale letting that delicious cloud completely layer your taste buds with this mind boggling flavor. Along with the exhale you’ll notice the thick nectarous taste of mangos that’s been blended into the candied taste of bubblegum making you lick the rest of your lips and vaping for more.

Pink Lemonade

A refreshment created into an all time worldwide favorite treat that’s truly a winner of any bubblegum flavor out there. Pink lemonade bubblegum vape juice will give you an instant gush of sweet strawberries and bittersweet lemons bursting in the inhale, while the bubblegum that drags any sour that’s been left along on the exhale creating one mouth watering flavor that’ll have you drooling after every hit.

Watermelon Strawberry

Watermelon strawberry bubblegum crafted and blended to pure perfection for those who are crazy about this flavored bubblegum. This sweet savory vape juice offers full everlasting flavor that will surely leave any vapor satisfied and pleased considering most watermelon and strawberry flavors lack in the intensity of their well craved taste. On the inhale Zonk Strawberry vape juice is nothing but juicy watermelon flowing in slowly attaching itself to every starving taste bud it crosses, while on the exhale the taste of sugared strawberries and bubblegum candy comes swooshing in soaking your tongue in sweet delicious fruity candy flavor.

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