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Fantasi E Liquid

Fantasi Eliquid

Fantasi Vape Juice Review

Fantasi Eliquids are known for their potent and flavorful batch of juices. They made sure that each juice was just as unique as the next, all having the same great quality that most consumers are looking for. What’s better than having a nice fruitful flavor or even a nice chilled fruitful flavor? Exactly, nothing. If you desire the taste of a fresh glass of delicious sugary pop but don’t want to face the guilt of actually chugging down a thing of soda then this brand will be the true meaning of friendship in your life and will save you a lot of heartache from endless searches online. From site after site, Fantasi is here to save your time and money. Every juice that’s been crafted in their lab was made out of the hardship and passion to help others find the perfect alternative to smoking. Take a look at our selection of Fantasi and see what will catch your attention.

Fantasi Flavors


Dip your tongue in a delicious cool glass of apple pop that’ll turn your world upside down. Each puff will guarantee a nice gush of sweet and tart apple on the inhale, with a slightly mentholated feel on the exhale giving you a refreshing and delightful hit.


Grape flavors are really hard to mimic when it comes to blending the perfect grape flavor. Fantasi has hit the nail on the head with this one. Not only does it taste sweet like a grape, but it’s got a tiny kick of menthol to make things a lot more exciting. Just like popping open a cool can of grape soda you’ll get that initial mouth watering intense grape flavor on the inhale, and a tiny chilled breeze on the exhale.


Imagine having a nice nectarine based soda, the honeyed taste of a divine batch of mango juice with a nice fizzy feel. Mango by Fantasi is like gulping down a glass of mango soda fresh from the fridge and getting that nectarous and slightly fizzy taste on the inhale. While on the exhale you’ll notice the splash of menthol intertwining with the sweet fruitful taste.


Mmm mm mm, a delicious cool glass of lemonade sounds perfect on a hot sunny day doesn’t it? Fresh squeezed lemon with that bitter and tart feel on the inhale, while on the exhale it’ll have a slight sweetness from the blended sugar and a nice chilled toned from the touch of menthol.


Orange soda is still healthy… right? I mean it’s basically just carbonated orange juice with an extra amount of sugar… Fantasi made sure that they made this ejuice taste exactly like orange soda giving you that tangy tart burst of flavor coating your taste buds on the inhale, and a hint of refreshing menthol that’ll soothe those erupted taste buds down from the pleasant tang.

Watermelon Mix

Indulge your tongue in a pool of watermelon pop with every hit you take. On the inhale the lush gust of watermelon will steal the show by enlightening those starving taste buds, while on the exhale it’ll leave a slight kick of menthol that’ll have you feeling cool and refreshed.

Fantasi Iced Flavors

Apple Ice

Quench your thirst with a nice iced can of apple pop, Apple Ice by Fantasi was crafted just for those who enjoy mentholated flavors with a nice fruity twist. On the inhale you’ll achieve that smooth delicious blast of crisp tart apples, while on the exhale the extra touch of bone chilling menthol dancing along your taste buds.

Grape Ice

A nice toothsome explosion of flavor that’ll have you satisfied with every puff. On the inhale you’ll immediately get a rush of sweet earthy grape hugging onto your tongue and as you exhale the icy touch of menthol will send chills down your spine.

Lemonade Ice

You can’t turn down those sweet kids that you see down the block selling fresh lemonade, so why turn down Fantasi when it’s for a good cause? Deluge yourself into a sour and sweet glass of lemons on the inhale as you get the icy cool feel of menthol from the ice cubes on the exhale.

Mango Ice

Picture yourself having a glass of sweet savory mango pop with a couple of ice cubes added for your satisfaction. Well, Fantasi made sure that you’ll get that same experience when giving this juice a try. On the inhale you’ll get a nice honeyed taste of delicious mango completely coating your tongue, while having a nice cool touch of menthol layering on top of the mango leaving you satisfied and refreshed.

Orange Ice

Orange Ice by Fantasi will take your breath once you give this delicious vape juice a try. It’s been crafted to give you the whole experience of having actual orange pop. Imagine the sweet yet tart tangy taste of orange on the inhale, while on the exhale you’ll get the winter like breeze of ice on that’ll give you a fair share of goosebumps.

Watermelon Ice Mix

Mouth watering watermelon made into a divine can of yummy soda for any watermelon lovers out there. Fantasi decided to make a liquified version of this tasteful juice for the vapors who genuinely enjoy watermelon flavors. Bathe your tongue in sweet juicy watermelon on the inhale, while getting a cooling effect of menthol on the exhale.

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