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Alternativ Ejuice

Alternativ Ejuice is churns out premium lip smacking ice cool candy-coated menthol vape juice. Manufactured by the experts at Marina Vape, each flavor blend delivers a delicious classic treat from your childhood memories.

The premium brand packages in generous 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottles, Alternativ Ejuice delivers candy that’s sweet and tangy that will wow your sweet tooth with the genuine candy inspired flavors from Alternativ Ejuice.

Alternativ Ejuice Flavor Review

Alternativ Alpha

Alternative Alpha will satisfy your sweet tooth and refresh your palate with juicy mangoes and peaches that is coated with ice cool menthol.

Alternativ Beta

Alternativ Eliquid Beta blends sour green apples with juicy peaches and a burst of ice menthol.

Alternativ Delta

Alternativ Delta ejuice is the succulent hard candy that’s mixed with the flavors of cool watermelon, juicy strawberries and mint.

Alternativ Omega

Alternativ Omega is a sweet lemonade candy flavor that’s concocted with sour strawberries and pineapple.