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Vape Disposables Mystery Bundle 5-Pack

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Product Description

Vape Disposable Mystery Bundle

Striving to bring out the adventurous side of our customers, we've created a vape disposable mystery bundle that will allow you to explore new brands, new flavors, and new products. Often times people are focused on only the name, the taste, and the product, overlooking potential favorites that may exist on the market. What we're attempting is to open you up to a world of new disposable vapes to experience. We do this by randomly choosing 5 devices, randomly choosing 5 flavors, and charging you for 1 low price.

In our Vape Disposable Mystery Bundle, we'll choose 5 disposable vapes at random. These devices vary in puff count and flavor. No matter how you re-work this deal, you're getting an amazing opportunity to explore new brands and flavors that you otherwise wouldn't have. These disposable devices come pre-filled, pre-charged, and are ready to be used from the moment you receive them. We've provided a few images to share what types of brands and flavors you can expect. All of the disposables we choose from are premium vape brands that have gained extraordinary popularity. Hopefully, you'll receive some new and exciting tastes that you can call favorites.

Vape disposables are becoming extremely popular due to the convenience that they provide. In fact, thanks to this convenient way to vape, there are now just as many people buying disposables as there are people buying vape juice. It's just an easier, more enjoyable way to vape, and all of those delicious tastes come along with it. What's so great is that once you buy these disposables, they won't require any maintenance. They come charged, filled, and ready for your enjoyment from the moment you receive them. When you're finished with them, simply toss them in the trash.

Disposable Vape Brands

Below are "some" of the disposable vape brands we use in this listing. The disposables you receive vary in brand and flavor. Understand that what you are buying is a complete mystery, and we've bundled 5 disposables together to reduce the cost to you. We hope you enjoy the savings!

Flum Vapor

Flum Vapor is a premium disposable vape brand that features an awesome collection of products. You'll experience incredible flavors, several options when it comes to capacity and puff counts, and remarkable quality. If you are looking for an awesome disposable to add to your collection, put your faith in the series of Flum products.

Ignite Vape

Ignite Vape is a famed vape brand that was founded in 2018 by Dan Bilzerian. The brand consists of various disposable devices, all perfectly crafted to deliver a sold experience. There are several versions in its collection, ranging from the V15 up to the newly released V40. The devices offer some of the most pleasing tastes and the same gold standard that, Dan himself, expects.


Loaded E-Liquid is a premium vape juice brand that has developed its own collection of disposable vapes, yet they're themed with bananas. From its banana-shaped body to the three delicious banana flavors, there is plenty to explore in this series. Aside from the way it looks and the flavors, the Loaded Banana Disposables have a large capacity, puff count, and provide an amazing vape.

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine.

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    Patricia P.
    United States


    I ordered 2 bundles. Out of the 10, only 2 worked. 5 were the same flavor, 3 same flavor and 2 same as well. The 2 that worked tobacco flavor and orange soda were disgusting. I'll continue to order other vapes, but not the mystery bundle.

    United States United States

    Price would be great if they worked

    I ordered two 5 packs, along with 2 other types of disposables and 4 120ml bottles of liquid and the prices on everything were great and everything arrived pretty quickly. Out of the 10 of these I got, however, 3 didn't work at all, 5 only lasted a few puffs each and the last 2 didn't last a long time, but were ok for the price. I pulled two of the ones that died quickly apart and they had plenty of fluid in them, but dead batteries. I had the same problem with the BOX Air Bar that I bought as well (and that brand is usually pretty good), but the Candy King Air rechargeable disposable has been great. I really wonder if these have just been in storage too long.

    United States United States

    Disp. Mystery

    Many not work at all. Very short time on ones do.

    Wendy K.
    United States United States

    pretty satisfied

    I was very impressed with how fast i received these. I got them 4 days after ordering and one of these days was a holiday. I ordered 2 and i had a slight problem, but the company was very fast with their response and didn't hesitate to fix this problem. I don't have anything bad to say. Overall I was very satisfied and can see myself using their services for many years to come. Keep up the good work.

    laura r.
    United States United States

    Good value

    I've purchased this bundle a couple times now and for the price how can you be disappointed. Both times of course there were a couple of flavors that I didn't care for but mostly good ones. My 2nd time I ended up with a couple that were leaking but the company helped me out with the problem. I would buy this bundle again for sure.

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