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Mojo Lemon Cake

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Mojo Lemon Cake

Mojo Lemon Cake Disposable Vape Pod Review

Mojo Lemon Cake has the best dessert flavor that you'll ever be able to find. This dessert flavor is unlike anything else you've ever tasted as it is not overwhelmingly sweet, but it has just the right amount to have your taste buds going crazy. Mojo Lemon Cake is the perfect fusion between sweet and citrusy and you will never want to stop puffing on it. 

As you inhale Mojo Lemon Cake, the taste of the freshly baked yellow cake will hit your taste buds in all of its fluffy and moist glory. Mojo has recreated the taste of yellow cake so perfectly that your mouth will water at just the thought. As you exhale, the lemon zest comes through and combines with the taste of the yellow cake to create a perfect mix of sweet and citrusy that will have your taste buds in a frenzy. This flavor will have you addicted in seconds and you will be yelling from rooftops about how amazing it is. 

Mojo makes all of their alternative smoking devices with complete and utter transparency so that way their customers know exactly what is going into their bodies and how. This company has their customers in mind with every single pod that they make. The amazing flavors they provide will have your head reeling with every puff you take and have your taste buds feeling completely satisfied. 

Mojo Lemon Cake is the best dessert flavored vape juice on the market and with Mojo being a disposable vape pod you will be able to puff until it is empty, dispose of it, and move onto the next one. 

Flavor Profile: Yellow Cake, Lemon