WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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JUUL Pods Mango 4-Pack

Product Description

JUUL Pods Mango 4-Pack

JUUL Mango Pods Review

Take your taste buds on a wonderful journey with every puff of JUUL Pods Mango 4-Pack. Like the name of the flavor states this is a magnificent mango flavor that will provide you a with everlasting satisfaction. Crafted with high quality ingredients expect nothing but a accurate and clean vaping experience. JUUL Pods Mango is perfect for vape enthusiasts looking for a simple yet tasty fruit flavor that will reward your taste buds with every puff. 

Upon inhale of JUUL Mango Pods you will experience a splendid rush of freshly picked mangoes. Waves of juicy and sweet mango notes will please your taste buds with all of its glory. During exhale is where the unique taste of the natural sweetness of mango becomes even more predominant providing a perfect end to this wonderful vaping sensation. If you are enjoy mango flavors look no further than JUUL Mango Pods as it will pleasure you with a well rounded and satisfying experience. 

JUUL Mango Pods will arrive in packs of 4 and will arrive in the nicotine levels 50MG or 0.5%. JUUL Pods are made to be used only in JUUL compatible devices and will not work in other pod based systems.

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