Maui Mango by Tropic King 100ml

Tropic King

Maui Mango by Tropic King 100ml

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Maui Mango by Tropic King 100ml

Tropic King Maui Mango Vape Juice Review

A tropical paradise that you can escape to each time you take a hit of this exquisite fusion of tart pineapple, tangy orange, and nectarous mango. Maui Mango by Tropic King will set you in a peaceful mindset and have you feeling like you just sipped of a glass of delicious juice on a hot and sunny day next to the beach.

Enjoy this wave of well blended fruits as each flavor swims across your tongue one by one colliding into one marvelous taste that you could never forget. Sweet tangy orange poured into your mouth with a squeeze of tarted pineapple on the inhale, and the charming essence of fresh mangos flooding out of your mouth as you exhale.

Tropic King has it’s name for a reason, it’s the king of all tropical based juices that allow you to lather yourself in a rich blend of amazing fruits. Maui Mango by Tropic King has a full and thick burst of intense flavor that’ll have your taste buds in their swimsuits and ready for another wave of this delicious vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Orange, Mango

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30