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Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml

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Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml

Apple Ice Fantasi Vape Juice Review

Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml is a bubbly apple soda flavor that will refresh your taste buds all day long. This e-juice is delightful from the first drop to the last. Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml contains a strong menthol base to provide an icy exhale. This combination of carbonated soda and a cooling menthol is sure to please.

On the inhale of Fantasi Apple Ice vape juice is a rush of juicy apples that has been fused with a soda base flavor. This soda flavor will provide you with a refreshing taste with each puff. The succulent apple flavor dances across your taste buds delighting them with its fruity flavor. On the exhale is a icy menthol that provides the perfect cool down. This menthol ending will delight all those menthol lovers with each puff.

Fantasi vape juice collection consist of 12 different flavors. Their e-juices all have a soda and menthol base. Fantasi 65ml has an "Ice" version of all their flavors which contain a stronger menthol base. Their non-ice flavors still contain a slight menthol base. This gives their customers an option between their menthol strength. Their other flavors include Grape, Lemonade, Mango, Orange, and Watermelon. Fantasi 65ml is the perfect brand for all those menthol lovers. Fantasi 65ml has created a delightful combination that is taking the vape industry by storm.

Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml takes an authentic apple flavor and fuses it with not only a bubbly soda flavor, but also a cooling menthol to provide an icy ending. Save on Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml today by shopping with us! Indulge in Apple Ice by Fantasi and you wont regrent it. Apple Ice by Fantasi 65ml is sure to refresh all day long.

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Flavor Profile: Apple, Soda, Menthol

Bottle Size: 65ml

PG/VG: 70/30