The Lost One Cold Blooded by Directors Cut 60ml

Director's Cut

The Lost One Cold Blooded by Director's Cut Eliquid 60ml

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The Lost One Cold Blooded by Director’s Cut Eliquid 60ml

Director’s Cut The Lost One Cold Blooded Vape Juice Review

Take 2.

You’re yearning for something sweet with that nice smooth menthol hit that soothes the throat and gives you goosebumps. So far you’ve tried just about anything and everything that you thought would be worth it. You look at your stash of vape juices and try to pick one that you’re going to bring with you for the day and nothing stands out to your liking. Every iced vape juice out there just doesn’t do anything for you. All of them are either too harsh, too light, or just plain weird.

Until one day, you check your mailbox and notice a package sitting there with the words “From the vape heavens” written on the return address. As you open the package you notice a cool breeze leaving the envelope, reaching in you feel something cold. You pull out the item and realize it’s a vape juice with a label that reads “The Lost One Cold Blooded by Director’s Cut”. Staring at this juice it’s almost as if you can hear angels singing.

Quickly, you put some into your tank and let it soak. One hit was all it took, almost right away you feel that bone chilling gust of smoke enter your mouth on the inhale with its smooth but lush sweet minty menthol flavor. While on the exhale you get that burst of delicious candied blue raspberry flavor with an extra kick from other luscious fruits that the creators have mixed in there to make it even more irresistible.

Finally you’ve found your one and only juice. Forever being grateful for whoever has created and brought this vape juice to you, ending the everlasting search.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Fruit, Candy, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30