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Apple by Fantasi 65ml

Product Description

Apple by Fantasi 65ml

Fantasi Apple Vape Juice Review

Apple by Fantasi 65ml is your favorite apple  soda reincarnated into a delicious e-juice. Fantasi has paired this flavor perfectly by fusing it with a subtle menthol. This subtle menthol flavor provides a light and refreshing cooling with each exhale. Apple by Fantasi 65ml uses high-quality ingredients to recreate this authentic soda flavored e-liquid.

On the inhale of Fantasi Apple vape juice, a rush of juicy and bubbly apples. This carbonated flavor will excite your taste buds with each puff. The genuine apple flavor smothers your tongue with its succulent flavor. Fusing with this juicy apple flavor is that bubbly soda flavor that will have you thinking you had just drunk from an apple soda. On the exhale is a refreshing rush of subtle menthol. This icy exhale is perfect for all of those menthol lovers and for those who aren't too sure about it. Apple by Fantasi 65ml provides a delectable soda e-juice that is sure to please. 

Fantasi 65ml has a e-juice line of 12 different flavors. All of Fantasi 65ml flavors contain a soda and an icy menthol base. This combination provides a unique flavor that is taking the industry by storm. Their other flavors include Grape, Lemonade, Mango, Orange, and Watermelon. All of their flavors have an ICE version which contains a stronger menthol base for all those menthol lovers. Fantasi 65ml provides this option to give their customers an option within the strength of their menthol based flavor.

Apple by Fantasi 65ml is truly one of a kind and exceeds any expectations you have with this e-juice. This authentic apple flavor provides a flavor-packed experience with each puff. The subtle menthol on the exhale makes this e-juice super refreshing all day long. Indulge in Apple by Fantasi 65ml today by shopping with us today!

Flavor Profile: Apple, Soda, Menthol

Bottle Size: 65ml

PG/VG: 70/30

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