Cosmic Fog Apple Butter
Apple Butter by Liquid State 60ml

Cosmic Fog

Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog 60ml

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Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog (Previously Liquid State) 60ml

Cosmic Fog Apple Butter Vape Juice Review

Apple Butter 60ml by Cosmic Fog is the taste of old fashion apple pie that is baked to perfection leaving your taste buds feeling like they're wrapped up in a warm blanket on the coldest winter night. The green apples that are caramelized, with the pie crust that has hints of cinnamon and sugar will bring you joy like no other. This dessert vape juice is something you won't want to put down. 

As you inhale, the caramelized green apples are the first thing to hit your taste buds. This flavor is unlike any other apple flavored vape juice on the market, bringing you such an authentic sweet taste that your mouth will water. As you exhale, the pie crust taste combines with the apple taste giving it a hint of spices from the cinnamon and more sweetness from the sugar. Apple Butter is most defiantly the most genuine apple pie flavor on the market. 

Liquid State is a brand inspired by the United States of America, each flavor they release represents one of the states. Apple Butter represents Washington. This vape juice gives actual apple pie a run for its money with the true to name the flavor and no added guilt when you indulge on this succulent vape juice. Liquid State makes all of their vape juices with high-quality ingredients that are sure to leave you vaping their juices all day long. 

Apple Butter 60ml by Liquid State will transport you to the best parts of winter with every puff you take. Thanks to the geniuses over at Liquid State, you can indulge in our favorite butter flavored apple pie dessert e-juice, every day.

Flavor Profile: Apple Pie, Cinnamon

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 80/20