The Milkman Eliquid Milky O's Ejuice

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Milky O's Ejuice by The Milkman Eliquid 120ml

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Milky O's Ejuice by The Milkman Eliquid 120ml

Milkman Milky O's Vape Juice Review

The Milkman Milky O's from the same creators who brought you The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit arrives Milky O's! A top-of-the-line Oreo cookie milkshake flavor with a strong creamy base and accented with just the right amount of chocolate. 

The inhale The Milkman Milky O's provides notes of chocolate cookie vape juice will excite your senses like no other. The chocolate cookie flavor is something that is like no other and will drive you up a wall. As you exhale, the vanilla cream flavor combines with the cookie flavor creating the best re-vamp of an Oreo you've ever tasted. This Oreo flavor will have your mind spinning from the authentic flavor. 

The Milkman, a branch off of the brand The Vaping Rabbit brings you such intense flavors with the best ingredients that you won't ever want to share any of their vape juices. Live your life on the wild side with these sweet treats that won't have you worrying about any added pounds. Made with max VG these vape juices will have you creating the biggest clouds ever with the best flavor ever. 

Milky O's 120ml by The Milkman will bring you such delight you won't ever want to stop vaping it. These sweet treats are exactly what you're wishing for. 

Flavor Profile: Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Bottle Size: 120ml (2 x 60ml)

VG/PG 99/1