Cookies N' Cream Churro by Snap Liquids 60ml

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Cookies N' Cream Churro by Snap Liquids 60ml

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Cookies N Cream Churro by Snap Liquids 60ml

Snap Liquids Cookies N Cream Review

Cookies N' Cream Churro ejuice by Snap Liquids is everyone's favorite cookie turned into a crispy chocolate churro, stuffed with vanilla cream and covered in powdered sugar.  

Manufactured by Snap Liquids, the unique take on the famous boardwalk summer treat of Cookies N Cream Churro e-liquid delivers fried pastry on the inhale with a blend of chocolate, cream and a touch of sugar on the exhale. The smooth favor of a chocolate cream cookie and a fried churro is the flavor you can enjoy. 

Flavor Profile: Chocolate Cream Cookies, Churro, Powdered Sugar

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30