WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dirty Danish by Food Fighter Juice 120ml


Product Description

Dirty Danish by Food Fighter Juice 120ml

Food Fighter Juice Dirty Danish Review

Prepare for your senses to be overwhelmed. Food Fighter has done it again with this mouth watering delight of a vape juice. Dirty Danish by Food Fighter 60ml is a vape juice that brings you the succulent taste of a fresh out of the over danish filled with the jaw dropping raspberry flavor then dripped in a cream cheese frosting. 

As you inhale your taste buds are immediately met with the taste of fluffy puff pastry. The fresh danish flavor is followed by the taste of sweetly tart raspberry filling. As you exhale, the cream cheese frosting that this delectable vape juice recreates is like no other. Dirty Danish brings you the delightful flavors of a puff pastry without the added guilt. Bringing the awesome flavors of pastries is something that Food Fighter does like no other vape juice on the market. 

Dirty Danish by Food Fighter is a vape juice for those of you who crave dessert e-juice flavors during all hours of the day. This sweet tooth sedating vape juice was made with customers in mind, and made with the highest quality of ingredients.  This vape juice will defiantly become your favorite in rotation. 

Dirty Danish by Food Fighter is an all-day vape juice for dessert lovers. With the delectable flavor of freshly baked fluffy pastries filled with sweet yet tart raspberry filling and drizzled with a cream cheese frosting, you can't go wrong with this vape juice. Indulge on Dirty Danish 120ml by Food Fighters today!

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Danish, Cream Cheese

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 80/20