Truffleberry Ejuice by The Milkman Delights 60ml

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Truffleberry Ejuice by The Milkman Delights 60ml

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Truffleberry Ejuice by The Milkman Delights 60ml

Milkman Truffleberry Review

Truffleberry 60ml by The Milkman is a sweet decadent recipe designed for the Delights line. Truffleberry is a sweet blend of milk chocolate truffles filled with a full flavored raspberry filling. This recipe hits every flavor note perfectly for a unique experience unlike any other e-liquid. 

As you inhale, the first thing you taste is that mouth-watering chocolate candy vape juice. This chocolate flavor isn't like any other vape juice, it isn't an intense chocolate flavor. The chocolate taste of this vape juice is a light and fluffy flavor as if it is actually a truffle. As you exhale, the raspberry filling comes through, mixing with the chocolate flavor to create something sinfully sweet. This fusion is something that will have your mouth watering like no other. 

The Milkman, a line from The Vaping Rabbit is like no other vape juice line. Bringing you such intense flavors that with every inhales and exhale your skin will erupt into goosebumps. These flavors are made with only the highest quality of ingredients providing you with the best and most authentic vaping experience. The Milkman makes all of their vape juice with max VG giving you the best clouds out of all your friends and the most flavor. 

Truffleberry 60ml by The Milkman is a vape juice that will drive you wild. Once this vape juice sends your senses into overdrive with the intense chocolate and raspberry flavors, you won't know what to do with yourself.

Flavor Profile: Milk Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry

Bottle Size: 60ml