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The Devil Inside by Director's Cut Eliquid 60ml

Product Description

The Devil Inside by Director’s Cut Eliquid 60ml

Director’s Cut The Devil Inside Vape Juice Review

Alright we’re only going to go through this once and the rest is up to you to memorize.

Thisvape juice was crafted by three corrupt witches that had the desire to create the most irresistible ejuice there ever was. Whipping up only three main ingredients sugar, spice, and everything twisted (not nice) in their cooking pot of doom. Out comes a bottle with a title and a logo that reads “The Devil Inside by Director’s Cut”. They cackle and send this juice out to a random vape juice website hoping that it lures anyone, anyone at all to give it a daring try.

Whomever comes across this juice is doomed to a flavorful experience of a juicy seededwatermelon and twisted crispapple on the inhale. With a ghost trail of an unnatural mix of berries with tart and sweet eviltones on the exhale. Only to have all your taste buds burst out in evil laughter all shouting “More! More!” making you vape guilt free but slightly creeped out by the talking taste buds.

Think you can remember that?

Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Green Apple, Mixed Berry

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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