Smoothy Man Vape Juice Bundle

Smoothy Man

Smoothy Man 100ml Vape Juice Bundle Pick 3

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Smoothy Man 100ml Vape Juice Bundle Pick 3

Smoothy Man Vape Juice Bundle Review

If you thought our Smoothy Man prices were great you are in for a surprise when you see our Smoothy Man 100ml Vape Juice Bundle. We have made it easy for you to enjoy your favorite Eliquids with our variety pack and save big! Smoothy man has made a name for themselves for manufacturing premium Ejuices at a killer price. Their juice line consists of tasty fruit flavors like Strawberry Banana and Watermelon Kiwi, or Tropical flavors like Pineapple Mango and Tropic Mix. All with a their iconic smooth and creamy twist. 

With our Smoothy Man Vape Juice Bundle you will have the option of choosing three flavors from their entire juice line or if you have a favorite, have all three of you choices be of that same Ejuice. Smoothy Man will arrive in 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles and will be available in the nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

Choose From 

  • Strawberry Banana - A yummy mix of strawberries and bananas with a creamy splash.
  • Watermelon Kiwi - Ripe kiwis and watermelons blended into a smoothy.
  • Pineapple Mango - Tropical mix of juicy pineapples and sweet mango with a tasty smoothy twist.
  • Watermelon Strawberry - Fun blend of refreshing watermelons with tangy strawberries in smoothy form. 
  • Grape Blast - A simple yet delicious grape smoothy.
  • Honeydew - A perfect blend of honeydew and smoothy that gives a full bodied vaping experience.
  • Citrus Tang Ice - Nice tangy twist to balance out a creamy smoothy finish. 
  • Melon Twist Ice - Combination of your favorite melons blended into a delicious smoothy. 
  • Tropic Mix - Pleasure inducing tropical mix will take your taste buds to satisfaction island. 
  • Peach Mango - Plump and juicy mangoes blended with a yummy peach smoothy. 
  • Mixed Berry Ice- Tangy and sweet mix of berries with a satisfying smoothy twist.