WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Infinix and Juice Roll Upz Salt 60ml Bundle

Product Description

Smok Infinix and Juice Roll Upz Salt Bundle

  • Choose your color for the Smok Infinix starter kit.
  • Choose a flavor from Juice Roll Upz Nicotine Salt line

With our Smok Infinix and Juice Roll Upz Salt 60ml Bundle you will have everything you will need to get started on vaping nicotine salt vape juices!

Nicotine Salts are very popular in refillable pod systems due to their high amount of nicotine, the Nicotine Salts are very smooth despite their high nicotine level which make them very satisfying for such a small device. Since you're absorbing more nicotine with each hit you take, then you have to vape less to feel satisfied, every hit is smooth no matter what the nicotine level is and your juice will last longer! 

Smok's Infinix starter kit is an all in one starter kit developed with the goal of being easy to use, portable, and high quality. The Infinix is capable of 10 to 16w of power output and has the juice capacity of 2ml which is more than most of other available pod systems. Juice Roll Upz Nicotine Salts come in a 60ml glass dropper bottle and available in nicotine levels 25mg and 50mg. 

Start enjoying nicotine salts with the Smok Infinix and Juice Roll Upz Salt today.