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Retro Game Console Mini Video Game Console with 620 Games

Product Description

Retro Game Console Mini Video Game Console (620 Games)

Presenting a heightened level of nostalgia, this Retro Game Console is sure to bring you back in time. While the look and feel will definitely bring your night of family entertainment up a notch, the hundreds of classic games will bring you back to an era that you miss. It's a fun and challenging experience that will allow you to relive your childhood and give your own kids a piece of history at the same time!

Retro Game Console Mini Review

The Mini Game Console is an anniversary edition entertainment system that features as many as 620 built-in classic games. From busting your head on bricks with Mario to the galactic mission of eliminating enemies in Galaga, this thrilling console will keep you busy for hours with fun gameplay. Enjoy games like Mario, Galaga, Contra, Tetris, and more. The entertainment console comes with two controllers and doesn't require you to insert any cards or download any games whatsoever. It's as simple as hooking up your AV connectors to the console (not HDMI compatible), turning on your TV, and choosing from the 620 games to play.

If you are looking for a way to relive your past or simply want to provide an affordable, fun, and exciting outlet to boost your family's entertainment, this Retro Game Console Mini is definitely the solution. It's easy enough for the little ones to use and nostalgic enough to give you that blast from the past you've been yearning for.

 Retro Game Console Features and Specifications

  • Classic Gaming Entertainment System
  • Connects To Your TV Using AV Cables
  • 620 Built-In Classic Games
  • 2-Player Games Available

What's In The Box

  • 1 Retro Game Console
  • 2 Retro Controllers
  • 1 AV Cable
  • 1 Game List
  • 1 User Manual