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REM Atomizer by REM Creations

Product Description

Rem RDA by REM Creations

REM RDA Review

The REM atomizer is low profile RDA 22mm diameter and has a deep e-liquid well and provides great flavor. The top cap was designed to give the user easy access for re-dripping. Peak Insulators are included for high temperature builds. Dual adjustable airflow that is easily controlled by turning the drip tip.The REM RDA is the newest atomizer by REM Creations. The REM is constructed of stainless steel and delrin. This is a reasonably priced authentic RDA offering beautiful colorful finishes: stainless steel, blue, red and black. This is the perfect atomizer catering to the cloud chasing crowd. The REMentry has a huge juice well, three solid square posts and the negative posts are milled to the deck. Produce immense amounts of air with the two 5mm by 2mm airflow slots. The wide bore competition cap with deliver huge flavorful clouds. Don’t be fooled by the price. REM Creations produced an authentic atomizer that is stylish, colorful and didn’t skimp out on allthe features.

The REM RDA Features

• Peak insulators
• Copper center post internals
• Delrin chuff style cap with a very easy to use AFC
• Delrin Base to reduce heat transfer
• Cyclops style airflow holes
• 22mm Diameter
• Square center posts with large post holes to make building