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RDA/RBA Atomizer Premium Vape Tool Kit by Vapetek

Product Description

RDA/RBA Atomizer Premium Vape Tool Kit by Vapetek

The Atomizer coil jig is made of T6 aluminum construction and is a handy little pocket device that makes wrapping coils simple and consistent every time.

Simply remove one of the wrapping posts from the internal compartment insert it into the top hole and tighten the set screw. Wrap one end of your coil wire around the lower set screw and tighten it. Then begin wrapping your coil around the wrapping post until it has as many wraps as your custom build requires. When youre done snip the ends and remove it from the wrapping post. You can also remove the wrapping post with the coil still on it and use it as a stabilization tool to attach it to your rebuildable atomizer.

The three included wrapping posts are: 1/16 3/32 and 1/8 in size. The set screw hole will accept up to 9/64 if you want to make your own larger rods.

Do not torch your coils while they are still attached to the jig body. The set screws are nylon and will melt. Do not over tighten the set screws or you may strip them.

Wire Cutters

Screw Driver with different sizes

Coil Jig Wire Tool

Needle Tweezers