Psycho Yeti by Puff Labs 100ml

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Psycho Yeti by Puff Labs Eliquid 100ml

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Psycho Yeti by Puff Labs Eliquid 100ml

Puff Labs Psycho Yeti Vape Juice Review

One puff of this vape juice will cost you and your taste buds the sanity you’ve once had. Psycho Yeti by Puff Labs was crafted and made by mad men who dedicate their time and lives to creating addicting and mind blowing flavors that many have told them wouldn’t make it due to the high VG/PG ratio. Little did everyone know it is possible to have such a high ratio and to have just the same amount of luscious flavor and thick foggy clouds.

Take your taste buds on a short hike to Mount Vaporest on a path to tasting a craft of blended fruits made of fresh frozen strawberries, banana, and even some blueberries on the inhale. While on the exhale that winter cool breeze begins to graze against your tongue sending bone chilling feels down your body giving you pure satisfaction of a fruity essence with a menthol twist.

Puff Labs will only have you going crazy for more of their amazing vape juices not only for their flavors but the astonishing visual of perfect milky clouds made just for vape tricks or even just for the pleasure of seeing it.

Flavor Profile: Fruit, Smoothie, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 80/20