WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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PHIX Pods Spearmint by MLV

Product Description

PHIX Pods Spearmint by MLV

PHIX Spearmint Pods Review

Enjoy a timeless and refreshing flavor when vaping PHIX Pods Spearmint by MLV. Crafted by the flavor experts at Brewell, Spearmint will dazzle your taste buds with its outstanding taste and quality. Both cool and sweet this flavor is a must have if you are looking to keep your taste buds refreshed and satisfied. 

Upon inhale of Phix Pods Spearmint a cool and refreshing wave of menthol like tones will refresh your taste buds and clear your sinuses. During exhale a subtle sweetness found naturally in spearmint will appear and perfectly balance the flavor profile to reward you with a well rounded vaping experience. 

Each pod will consist of a technologically advanced ceramic wick that will allow you to experience the true taste of the flavor or in PHIX's words, "you want to taste your e-liquid – not your wick." 

Spearmint Phix Pods will arrive in packs of 4 pods containing 1.5ml of premium salt nicotine juice that will last you approximately 400-440 puffs. Phix Pods will be available only in the nicotine levels 0.5% or 50MG. 

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