PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods


PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods by MLV

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PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods by MLV

PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods Review

Generating a strong, earthy taste, the PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods by MLV are the perfect option for those who enjoy the traditional taste of tobacco. These pods are extremely convenient, easy to install into your PHIX device and provide a hefty dose of nicotine to ensure you're satisfied at every angle.

What are PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods? The PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods by MLV are small pre-filled cartridge pods that come in a pack of four. Each pod has a 1.5mL pod capacity, giving you a total of 6mL in the entire pack. The pod is pre-filled with an original blend tobacco flavor and infused with 50mg of salt nicotine, giving you roughly 400-440 puffs per pod. With each puff that you take, you'll experience a familiar original tobacco flavor that is extremely enjoyable.

PHIX Vapor is a premium vape brand that is positioned under the umbrella of Tokewell Brewell MFG. The company has been developing premium vaping products since mid-2016, creating a wide range of devices aimed at the average vaper. The PHIX brand is its most accomplished brand and collection of products. PHIX and the experts behind it look at themselves as innovators, and they've been working relentlessly for years, before launch, to provide users with a convenient vaping device and award-winning vape juice blends.

If you've been looking for a pod to compliment your PHIX Starter Kit, the PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods provide a natural, earthy tobacco flavor that will bring you that familiar taste you know and love. It's hard-hitting, it delivers strong flavor, and a satisfying dose of nicotine that will keep your cravings under control.

PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods Features and Specifications

  • Compatible With PHIX Starter Kit
  • Comes In A Pack of 4
  • Original Blend Tobacco Flavor
  • 1.5mL Pod Capacity (6mL Total)
  • 50mg Salt Nicotine
  • 400-440 Puffs Per Pod

What's In The Box

  • 1 4-Pack of PHIX Original Blend Tobacco Pods by MLV