WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Osiris by Gods Of Egypt 100ml

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Osiris by Gods Of Egypt 100ml 

Vape Spectator Review:

Gods of Egypt is an extremely unique line of flavors, these liquids are unique recipes that were until today unseen. These 3 meticulously crafted flavors were developed to be refreshing with the perfect combination of fruit and spearmint. The flavors are bold and true to their flavor profile.

Osiris known for being the God of the Underworld, he enjoys the little things in life like Orange Tic-Tacs. That is why this flavor is made in his name, but this is no average orange flavored Tic-Tac. The first inhale features a sweet and slightly citrusy kick to it, then as you start to exhale a refreshing burst of spearmint takes over. This flavor is perfect any time of the day for a refreshing sweet kick.

Flavor Profile: Orange, Tic Tac, Spearmint

Bottle Size: 100ml Chubby Gorilla 

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