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Omega by Alternativ Salts 30ml

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Omega by Alternativ Salts 30ml

Alternativ Salts Omega Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Omega by Alternativ Salts 30ml is a tall refreshing glass of lemonade with a fruity twist. You've heard of strawberry lemonade, peach lemonade, and maybe even blueberry lemonade, but here comes pineapple lemonade. Oh yeah, it's real and it is a true tangy treat. This exotic lemonade will have you ordering another bottle after the first puff.

Salt nicotine e-juice is not meant to be used with any type of Sub-ohm device and should only be used with pod systems. Salt nicotine offers higher concentrates and absorbs more quickly into your system. Alternativ Salts offer 2 levels of nicotine, 35mg, and 50mg. Alternativ Salts is an e-juice collection from the brand Alternativ, they offer the same 5 famous flavors from its original line. They offer all fruity based e-juices, even some including that icy menthol base for those menthol fanatics.

On the inhale of Alternativ Omega Salt Nic vape juice your taste buds will receive that nostalgic taste of your grandmas' lemonade. This homemade pitcher taste from that lemonade vape juice flavor will smother your tongue with a light tart taste but an ultimately refreshing effect. Tart notes from that pineapple vape juice flavor will dance across your taste buds next bringing out your tangy side. On the exhale these flavors will fuse together making the ultimate glass of pineapple lemonade.

Omega by Alternativ Salts 30ml is the tart fruity flavor you've been missing out on. Lemonade vape juice flavors, we all can admit, are one of the best. Many fruity combinations have been fused before with that boozy lemonade, but not like this. Take part in this tangy flavor adventure with Omega by Alternativ Salts 30ml.

Flavor Profile: Lemonade, Pineapple

Bottle Size: 30ml