WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked 100 CBD Unflavored 60ml

Product Description

Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture Oil 60ml 

Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture Oil Review

The vapor products industry has become a massive market over the years, and there’s one specific brand that has surpassed nearly all of them, Naked 100. It’s a brand that delivers extraordinary quality, it has built a massive following due to the production of an amazing product all around, and the award-winning brand has gained a large portion of its popularity due to its incredibly complex e-liquid flavor offerings. With its large presence that has become favored by many, they’ve branched off and created Naked 100 CBD, an extension of the brand that now offering cannabidiol products. It began with the launch of Naked 100 CBD E-Liquid, and now it has its own line of CBD oil tinctures. With the lineup of three, the Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture is an option that is catching attention because it lacks the complexity and is just that, unflavored.

The Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture is a 60ML bottle of CBD Oil, which is available in both 600MG and 1200MG strengths. A lot like the line it first made its launch with, which was CBD e-liquid, the Unflavored Tincture is also made in the USA, it doesn’t have any THC, and best of it, it provides all of the therapeutic benefits from CBD. You’ll also be thrilled to know that the Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture is a full spectrum CBD product, meaning the whole plant is utilized, so you’ll receive the additional benefits of various cannabinoids and terpenes. Unlike most tinctures on the market, which are often 15ML or 30ML sizes, the Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture is 60ML in size, allowing more content per bottle. You can also achieve accurate dosing by using the dropper cap used to seal each bottle. With just 1 full dropper from the 600MG tincture, you’ll receive 10MG from 1ML. With just 1 full drop from the 1200MG tincture, you’ll receive 20MG from 1ML. To break it down even further, if you take just 20MG per day from the 1200MG tincture, the Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture will last upwards of 60 days!

Creating quite the stir around the globe, CBD has been the topic of choice for many people, news publications and more. Once the 2018 Farm Bill was finalized, it has been an all-out frenzy for those manufacturing, distributing, selling to the consumers, and there are even more consumers looking at every angle to find a new CBD product. However, CBD oil tinctures have become the most popular method of delivery as a result of the quick acting effects, because it’s easy to use, and provides accurate dosing. Enjoy the many benefits that CBD offers is that much more pleasing each time it’s used. What’s most impressive, aside from its flavor, is that although it’s derived from the hemp plant, the Naked 100 CBD Unflavored Tincture has no THC, meaning you will receive all of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, without any of the psychoactive effects from THC. Another prominent part of this product is that it has no flavor at all. Many CBD oil tinctures today are flavored or has a bad tasting flavor, therefore it’s hard to use with beverages and edible products, which is why the Unflavored Tincture is so great. Add it to your tea, coffee, to your salad, and anything else to receive your daily dose of CBD.

Flavor Profile: Unflavored

Bottle Size: 60ml