Mango Tango Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

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Mango Tango Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

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Mango Tango Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series

Mango Tango Sours Ice E-juice Flavor Review

Mango Tango Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml will make you want to get up and dance with its flavor bonanza. This intoxicating combination will make menthol fanatics lose their minds. Yep, that's right this premium flavor has now been fused with an icy exhale with that menthol e-juice flavor base. From the first puff you will fall head over heels in love with that authentic and juicy mango taste. If you are someone who also seeks that genuine lip puckering sour flavor, well Mango Tango Sours Ice provides that sour punch with each puff!

Kilo Sour Series 100ml was previously known as Bazooka Vape, but Kilo E-liquids has now new and improved that same flavor you loved. This premium vape juice line is a collection is genuine sour and candy based flavors. Even better, they have included menthol versions of those original e-liquids! Menthol fanatics have been losing their minds since its release! Nothing is quite as satisfying as a sweet candy flavor, but an added cooling exhale provides a refreshing wash down!

On the inhale is a juicy blast of a juicy mango vape juice flavor. Your taste buds will be intoxicated with this boozy taste. You truly wont be able to get enough! Just as you are thinking this is the best flavor, ever, it will only get better. Your tangy side will be pleased as sour notes dance along your taste buds. On the exhale that candy base will sweeten your sweet tooth and kick those cravings. Fused with this candy flavor is a icy blast to provide a refreshing taste, making this e-liquid perfect for a warm summers day.

Indulge in Mango Tango Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml today! You will not be disappointed with this savory blend and truly the best part is that it is quilt free! Now you can throw away those hard candies in your office desk drawer and still receive that save genuine taste! Save on Mango Tango Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series!

Flavor Profile: Mango, Candy, Menthol, Sour

Bottle Size: 100ml

PG/VG: 70/30