Cush Man Mango Strawberry

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Mango Strawberry by Cush Man 60ml

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Mango Strawberry by Cush Man 60ml

Mango Strawberry by Cush Man Flavor Review

Mango Strawberry by Cush Man 60ml will take your taste buds on a rejuvenating tropical vacation with each puff. This intoxicating blend of ripe juicy mangoes and freshly picked strawberries provide a truly boozy flavor. Menthol fanatics need to prepare themselves for this news, this fruity cocktail has been mixed with a chilling icy menthol, making this e-juice perfect for a warm summers day. 

Cush Man is a vape juice flavor from the brand Nasty. Since Nasty Juice 60ml has received an astonishing amount of praise from this e-liquid, they have decided to extended this flavor into an e-juice collection. These flavors, Mango Strawberry and Mango Grape, have the same recipe from the original Cush Man, but have infused more fresh fruit flavors. This arousing mango menthol flavor from Cush Man has now been heightened with a more intense and flavor packed profile. 

On the inhale of Nasty Juice Mango Strawberry a blitz of that luscious mango vape juice flavor will concur your pallet. Your taste buds won't try to put up a fight against this provocative flavor. They will surrender with ease and let this authentic flavor disperse across them. Freshly picked from the vine strawberries will prance across your tongue and delight your taste buds as they make their way. This genuine strawberry vape juice flavor provides a fierce taste with each puff. On the exhale a cooling rush will provide a refreshing effect and washes down those heightened fruity flavors. This menthol vape juice flavor makes this e-juice menthol fans number one!

Mango Strawberry by Cush Man 60ml is sure to bring your taste buds to a state of ecstasy from the first drop to the last. This perfected and balanced blend will ignite your tropical side all day long. If you are seeking your next favorite flavor, look no further than Mango Strawberry by Cush Man 60ml. 

Flavor Profile: Mango, Strawberry, Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30