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JUUL Pods Cool Cucumber 4-Pack

Product Description

JUUL Pods Cool Cucumber 4-Pack

JUUL Cool Cucumber Pods Review

Treat yourself to a crisp and refreshing flavor with JUUL Pods Cool Cucumber 4-Pack. Comprised of a delicious blend of fresh cucumber and breezy menthol Cool Cucumber will keep your taste buds feeling refreshed and happy throughout the day. Made with only the highest ingredients, JUUL has crafted a consistent tasting flavor that is perfect for menthol lovers. It will provide you with a vaping experience full of vibrant and sweet tones while a cool and refreshing undertone of menthol compliments this extremely satisfying salt nicotine vape juice.

Upon inhale of JUUL Pods Cool Cucumber your taste buds will be greeted with a delightful note of freshly sliced cucumber. You will feel a rush of that unique and vibrant taste of cucumbers that will keep the vaping experience light and refreshing. During exhale, the menthol undertone will emerge and perfectly tie this flavor together giving you a well rounded and rewarding sensation. 

JUUL Pods Cool Cucumber will arrive in packs of 4 pods and will be available in the nicotine level 50MG or 0.5%. JUUL Pods are only compatible with JUUL Devices and will not work with other pod-based systems.

Available Nicotine Dose Level: 50MG

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