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Iota by Alternativ Salts 30ml

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Iota by Alternativ Salts 30ml

Alternativ Salts Iota Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Iota by Alternativ Salts 30ml is a tropical fruity cocktail that won't leave you hungover. This peach and mango blend will have you begging for more due to its flavor-packed experience. Maybe you can't afford a tropical cruise but you can feel exotic and send your taste buds to paradise with Iota all day long.

Alternativ is a premium brand who crafts 5 100ml fruity e-juice flavors. Now the time has come to release Alternativ Salts. This collection consists of those same 5 flavors but has been made with salt nicotine instead. Salt nicotine e-juice is not to be used with any Sub-ohm device and should only be used with refillable pod systems. This form of nicotine offers higher concentrates, Alternativ Salts offer 35mg and 50mg options to choose from with each flavor. 

On the inhale a juicy blast of a peach vape juice flavor will rush into your pallet. This authentic taste is sure to delight with its intoxicating taste. A ripe juicy peach provides a refreshing and sweet flavor. This inhale taste identical to that first bite of fresh peach, yum! On the exhale this flavor will be fused with an exotic mango e-juice flavor that will smother your taste buds taking them to nirvana. 

Iota by Alternativ Salts 30ml will whisk your taste buds away to a fabulous fruity cruise. They will be in paradise with each puff and keep you begging for you. That intoxicating flavor you've been seeking can only be found with Iota by Alternativ Salts.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Mango

Bottle Size: 30ml