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I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter Juice 100ml

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I Love Taffy Peach by Mad Hatter Juice 100ml

Mad Hatter I Love Taffy Review

Mad Hatter brings you another round of intense flavors that you won't ever be able to forget. This vape juice is out of this world in flavor and will bring you an overload of joy with every puff. 

As you inhale Mad Hatter I Love Taffy Peach 100ml, the first taste to hit your taste buds and excite them into a frenzy is sweet southern peaches. No other vape juice will bring you the satisfaction of sweetness. As you exhale, the taffy candy flavor vape juicewill combine with the peach taste creating the perfect candy exhale that will kick your sweet tooth to the curb in an instant. This sweet treat will have you vaping it all day long. 

Mad Hatter vape juice is dedicated to bringing you such an authentic taste that you won't be able to stop vaping it. These vape juices are so mouth watering that from the first puff you'll be addicted. Mad Hatter brings you a variety of flavors ranging from candies to cereal vape juices and once you try one you will have to try all of the others. These jaw dropping delights will drive you crazy with their intoxicating flavors. 

Mad Hatter I Love Taffy 100ml is a fusion of sweet southern peaches and taffy that will have you ranting and raving to all your friends. These vape juices have such an intense flavor that your taste buds will throw a party with every inhale and exhale. 

Flavor Profile: Taffy, Peach

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

Made in USA

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