WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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GOAT RDA GOATHEADS Replacement Coil Heads

GOAT RDA GOATHEADS Replacement Coil Heads Review

The GOAT RDA is truly the Greatest Of All Time RDA on the market. This RDA is going to become a go to atomizor for those of you who love strong flavors and thick clouds. With the GOATHEADS Replacement Coil Heads, you just unscrew your old coil head, screw on the new one, wick your cotton, add your favorite vape juice, and boom! you're ready to vape your heart out. 

The GOATHEADS Replacement Coils is the first Coil Head Dripper and it is honestly the easiest way for those of you who use RDA to change your coils. GOATHEADS Replacement Coil Heads come in either 22G which read at .13ohm or 24G which read at .19ohm. The 22G is the perfect coil head for those of you who love to get lost in the clouds, because with every exhale you take the amount of clouds will blow your mind. The 24G is the better option for those of you who are only in it for the flavor but still love to create some clouds. 

The GOAT RDA GOATHEADS replacement coils come pre-wicked but you can wick it to your happiness, and they have a sealed foil back to prevent the cotton from going stale. Each GOATHEAD comes with two sets of coils that are made with Anarchist wire. With the GOATHEAD replacement coil heads, no matter which coil head you choose you feel as if you've started a whole new vaping life with the flavor and clouds it creates. 

The GOAT RDA is brought to you by Recoil and GrimmGreen. With this RDA they have assessed every factor under the sun. They made sure that the airflow was in just the right spot to provide the coils with the correct amount of air, the shape of the top cap, the height, and the coil elevation. This RDA is a masterpiece that you will never want to stop using!

Size: 22g (.13ohm) or 24g (.19ohm)